Lots of carriers always have special deals, promotions and other giveaways – but the latest deal from EE seems to be the most useful. Modern smartphones have the battery life of less than a day and charging them up when on the go can be a pain, so EE is giving away a free battery to customers.

In the next few weeks, EE are planing to let existing customers pick up a free battery pack which can charge up a phone. The power pack is 2,600mAh and the best part is if you are near a EE store and your power pack is is out of power – just walk in and they will swap it out for a full charged one for free. Technically, the EE Powerbar isn’t free as they require you to send a text which will cost 35p. EE Broadband and mobile phone customers are eligible, but if you’re not with EE you can purchase one for £20.