It’s not just the Apple Watch and new MacBook which received some attention today, Beats has also had a new product launch – well a colour revision. The wireless version of the Solo2 headphones are now available in the same hues as the iPhone, Apple Watch and the new MacBook, gold, silver and space grey.

Shortly after Apple purchased Beats last year, the new wireless version of the Solo2 headphones launched in black, white, red and blue.

The refreshed colours are still the same price as the standard Solo2 cans although the wireless version is £100 more than the wired version and the Apple inspired colours are exclusive to the wireless versions. The wired Solo2 headphones start at £169 and the wireless at £269.

The Solo2 headphones in these colours will happily match your new Apple Watch or MacBook and be quite useful. The new Apple Watch does have the capability of playing music back, but only with Bluetooth headphones, the new wearable has 8GB of internal storage and 2GB of that is for music storage. The new MacBook is promoted as the device for a wireless world and what better than having a gold pair of Beats for your new gold MacBook.

Thew new Beats Solo2 headphones are available today on the Apple Store for £269/$299.