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The official Apple Watch straps are fairly pricey, apart from the Sport band, but there is a large selection from less expensive Sport band to the Link bracelet. More options for the Apple Watch would certainly be nice as well as some cheaper options, but Cupertino wouldn’t come out with bands which are that cheap so now the company from yesterday is allowing companies to make third-party bands for the Apple Watch.

A new developer page has appeared which outlines the details of the bands and how they work. And as expected Apple are being pretty strict with the rules.

Apple has stated that the “Bands and lugs should pass a 72 hour salt mist test as specified in ASTM B117 with no visible corrosion,” and that the “Bands for Apple Watch must comply with applicable environmental regulations in the regions in which such bands are to be sold, and any applicable substance or material restrictions.”

Hopefully soon we will see some more options for the Apple Watch.