Tidal is a new music streaming service by Jay-Z, but the launch not long ago didn’t prove successful, so now Tidal is launching masses of new features, apps for Windows and Mac as well as discounts for students.

The main idea behind Tidal was to bring high-fidelity music to consumers and making it accessible, but as Tidal is twice the price of Spotify, users need to the value behind it, not just for high sound quality. The Mac and PC apps can be downloaded at Tidal.com. The mobile apps have also been updated, with a better design, new menus and an easier to use offline feature.

For the student discounts, Tidal has announced that “in the coming weeks” – students which has an email address ending in .edu can get 50% off a Tidal subscription. Tidal is $4.99 for students or $9.99 for the Hi-Fi high-resolution plan.
Tidal has also struck a deal with Ticketmaster, allowing users to view the concert information and then make a ticket purchase through Tidal. Spotify does a similar deal with the SongKick Concerts app. Jay-Z relaunched Tidal nine weeks ago, with Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Usher, Madonna, Rihanna and Jack White.