After being launched in late April, the Apple Watch is now, finally available to purchase or pick up in Apple Retail Stores. Previously, customers could go into a store to try one on or try out the software on the watch but if you wanted to buy one, store staff only suggested using the Apple website. In a email on Friday, the company announced:

“Apple Watch is now available at an Apple Store near you. Stop by today or choose your favourite model online and make a reservation for in-store pickup.”

Like with a purchase of a Mac or iPad at the Apple Store, a personal setup is offered to help the customer configure the device and set up notifications, install apps and more.

In the Untited States customers can collect their ordered devices were ordered should be able to collect their watch, but in the United Kingdom and Australia the pickup service is live and customers can walk into a store and collect a watch, after reservation. Jeff Williams commented on the Apple Watch availability and popularity:

“This response to Apple Watch has surpassed our expectations in every way, and we are thrilled to bring it to more customers around the world.”

Apple has recently confirmed that the Apple Watch will start selling “some models” in the retail stores by June 26, this is also the scheduled initial release date for Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan.