The next iPhone, iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s may not include the unsightly antenna bands which were included with the iPhone 6. The plastic bands are used to help the radio waves form WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular connections transmit more easily, but some users weren’t so happy with the design choose that Apple made.

Although, recently a new patent was filed by Apple which shows that the company is working on a way round it so that the devices don’t have the plastic bands showing. Apple has recently shown that it is possible with the new MacBook as the entire enclosure is made out of aluminium, while most of the communications are wireless. WiFi for internet, Bluetooth for headphones, AirDrop for file transfer and AirPlay for wireless speakers, with the iPhone, mostly everything is wireless.

The patent is basically a material that when combined with oxides can create a new material which feels like metal will also enable radio frequencies to pass through easily.