Nothing is free, that’s what you always here but in Sky’s latest deal it is offering a free year of broadband to new customers. The latest deal started last week and the basic fibre package from Sky which is usually £10 per month, will be no charge for the 12 month contract. A lot of the time with broadband packages, the company will offer a reduced price as a initial offer but then as it does the price will go up following a few months with the company – however this deal doesn’t have any of that.

Although, Sky do request that you already have a Sky landline which costs £16.40 per month which is a standard requirement and the router delivery which is £6.95 – you’ll end up saving money any way you look at it.

One thing which users will need to watch out for is the usage cap of 25GB a month, but if you are wiling to pay an extra £10 per month you will get unlimited data.