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As rumoured last week some readers of MacRumors found images of potential new iPod models with the launch of iTunes 12 – and now they have been launched.

Last week we reported that a image of new colours for the iPod lineup was spotted in iTunes 12 when setting up a new iPod or restoring a device – it was speculated that the devices would be updated on the 14th July as on the calendar app of the iPod touch but they were refreshed today.

The sixth generation iPod touch features the same design as the 2012 model, with the same 4-inch Retina Display but what it is most surprising is the new much faster 64-bit A8 chip which debuted with the iPhone 6. This also has the M8 motion co-processor for fitness tracking and reporting to the Health app. Also as expected – the new device comes in brand new colours of dark blue, pink and gold as well as space grey, silver and Product (Red). The iPod touch had a price drop to £159 a few years back and the new model starts at that price for a 16GB model – despite having a new processor. Apple have decided to keep the 32GB configuration around as well as 64GB and a new 128GB option.

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The new iPod touch colour options; Space Grey, Gold, Silver, Pink and Blue

The sixth generation iPod touch also has more features from the iPhone 6 such as support for 802.11ac as well as 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.1. Like the image from iTunes, Apple has removed the loop, probably for extra battery space.

The new iPod touch comes with iOS 8.4, EarPods without the remote and mic and a Lightning to USB cable.

Shuffling the colours up

It wasn’t only the iPod touch which had all the attention, Apple also updated the iPod nano and iPod shuffle also have the new colours from the iPod touch – but no new hardware updates were made.

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The iPod nano is still £129 and the iPod shuffle is £40. The new iPod touch is £159 for 16GB, £199 for 32GB, £249 for 64GB and £329 for 128GB.