The UK mobile payment systems are now on the rise, with contactless cards and now Apple Pay, the UK does have a lot of options for payments. It isn’t just Apple Pay though, for a while now PayPal has long had a way to pay within stores by scanning a barcode at the cashier at shops such as Pets at Home, wagamama (which now takes Apple Pay), GBK and Prezzo. Shell and PayPal have been working together since 2013 to get this system working and then earlier in the year it was exclusively available to Shell Drivers Club members.

Now, Shell is the next company to adopt PayPal, with its new “Fill Up & Go” system which will be live across the majority of Shell garages in the UK.

Matt Brian from Engadget tried out the system
Matt Brian from Engadget tried out the system

The way it works is simple – connect Paypal to the app, scan a barcode at the pump and then go. The system requires the Shell Motorist app on iPhone or Android, then once the app has been downloaded, link it with your PayPal account, go to a Shell station and then pay. To fill up state how much fuel you’d like, scan the barcode and then fill up. The app will then show “start refuelling, ” then it will stop giving the fuel.

The app also shows the history of purchases as well as the Shell Drivers’ Club points. Shell say that you can choose between £20 and £150 for payment.