Windows 10 is doing extremely well at the moment, with being only just two weeks into the new operating system being available, today it already has 3.78% market share – it’s working its way to be a huge hit. Originally launched two weeks ago on the 29th July, two days later we reported that 14m people had already downloaded it.

Opinion: Windows 8 sucked.

Back in April 2013, statistics revealed that Windows 8 took six months to reach around 4% market share. Here we are only just two weeks into the launch and it is on it’s way to already outgrowing Windows 8, in July 2015 Windows 8 was at 15.86% market share and it is that high probably only because of new computers bought while it was out. Now, we can only see that number decline.

Why is it doing so well?

1. Simple. It’s free, we just love free stuff.

3. It’s so easy to upgrade.

4. Ok, you don’t need to be an expert to know that Windows 8 was a huge mess up for Microsoft as it removed the familiarity that users loved, the start menu and it did some pretty weird stuff with “modern apps,” which never worked well. Windows 10 aims to fix every bit of that and maybe convince Windows 7 users to upgrade. Windows 10 brings back the start menu and most importantly doesnt confuse the users.

Lets see how Windows 10 does, it is certainly looked promising for Microsoft.

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