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The original founders of Google have reformed most of the company and also launching a new holding company called “Alphabet.” This week Larry Page, the former CEO of Google announced on the website that he will become the CEO of the new company Alphabet and Sergey Brin will be the President.

Google is going to be run by Sundar Pichai who is the former Senior Vice President of Android. Also Google will cease to be trading publicly, instead Alphabet Inc. will replace it.

Alphabet – back to basics

In the media release to investors, Larry Page revealed that Alphabet is basically a collection of companies with Google as one of the subsidiaries, with Google being slimmed down to focus on what is related to it such as the main internet products like Gmail, Maps Search and AdWords – other projects like Calico won’t be related to Google which makes sense, instead it will act as a separate company.

“Fundamentally, we believe this allows us more management scale, as we can run things independently that aren’t very related.” – Page

Google Products

Obviously, Google does have a number of services and companies under the brand – here is how they will work following the restructure.

– YouTube

YouTube is currently being run as a subsidiary of Google itself with Susan Wojicki as CEO – this will go unchanged

– Gmail

Gmail will still be part of Google

– Maps

Google Maps which is very well known, will also go unchanged

– Android

Android will stay a fundamental part of the company, it is also the most used mobile operating system in the world.

– Search

Search is what made Google back in the 90s – this will stay

– Google+

Google+ is being transformed regardless of the restructure, with Streams and Photos staying part of Google

– Advertising

Advertising will stay a part of Google, as it is around 90% of of the income for the company.

– Google X

Google haven’t revealed what will happen to Google X

– Fiber

Google Fiber will now be known as Fiber, still delivering ultra high speed broadband to US cities. Fiber will become a separate company within Alphabet.

– Nest

Nest, the smart home company which makes the Learning Thermostat an smoke detector will be run as a separate company.

– Calico

This health related company will act as a separate company.

– Life Sciences

This will be run as a separate company, it is best known for glucose-sensing devices.

– Google Ventures

Google Ventures will be run as a separate company, but still use the brand.