Google have now revealed what name the next version of Android will be getting, until now we only knew that the name began with a ‘M’ – hence what Google announced at Google I/O back in June but now Google have annoyed that Android 6.0 ill have the sweet name of Marshmallow.

What does Android Marshmallow have for users?

Despite having a sweet name, Android 6.0 inlaces a lot of new features such as a easier way to manage privacy permissions for third party apps (iOS has had this for yonks) which helps the user determine which apps can use the camera or the GPS chip. Also it has Android Pay which is Google’s answer to Apple Pay and support for USB Type-C.

Similar to how iOS 7 enhanced the user interface and modernised it, Android Lollipop also modernised the look of the UI and incorporated Material Design.


Android Marshmallow will be launching this this autumn/fall and as usual it isn’t clear on when each device will get it as carriers and OEMs typically delay the operating system.