Rovio, the company behind the hit game Angry Birds is cutting another 260 jobs with goals to become more profitable. The game was a extremely popular when it launched back in 2009 as the App Store was taking off on iPhone and iPod touch and Rovio reaped the benefits, but it wasn’t going to be long after it would decline.

The company has been pushing the Angry Birds brand for a long time now, after the app came children’s shirts and jumpers with the branding all over it as well as sweets, toys and anything else imaginable. The actual game is now on basically every platform from iOS and Android to even the Amazon Fire TV. As it looks the Angry Birds craze is now over.

The latest game from Rovio is Angry Birds 2 and it seems a very well done game worth good graphics, but it’s still like Angry Birds – we’ll see how long this lasts.