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In the US a least, Apple Pay has been out for nearly a year when the service was made available shortly after the launch of the iPhone 6 back in 2014. Also, it has had tremendous support for retailers including; Lego, Apple Store, Macy’s, Subway, Staples and Texaco and so many more. For a full list visit the Apple website. In the UK, we had the service shortly after WWDC at the beginning of July. It already works in a large number of stores, not as many as in the US but still an impressive amount. Retailers including Costa Coffee, M&S, Greggs, Apple Store and Waitrose.

On Thursday this week, Jennifer Bailey who spoke about Apple Pay at WWDC 2015 and is the head of the service has recently spoke at the Code/Mobile conference held by Recode regarding Apple Pay and she revealed that Starbucks will offer support early next year. This will be a much better experience as currently, you can use Apple Pay to refill your card on your phone, but this will be more seamless and let you pay with your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and Apple Watch to get that Venti Latte after your run when you only have your watch.

Also adding support next year are KFC and Chilli’s in US. Coming soon in the UK is JD, New Look and Screw Fix.