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Self-driving cars are the future and a large number of car company’s are getting in on the game to make a car that can drive by it’s self. The one company that is doing it in such expanse that it makes headlines is Google and out of the very few and minor accidents that its cars have had are at fault with a human controlled car which has put some mistrust in people. Volvo have in my opinion responded to this in saying that they will accept full responsibility and liability for any accidents that occur with a Volvo self-driving car.

Volvo will “accept full liability whenever one if its cars is in autonomous modes.”

The news came about from a press release and also what Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson mentioned earlier this week. Volvo have said it doesn’t blame Apple or Microsoft for any viruses or hackers but it will work to reduce any risks that may come from operating a self-driving car that can be hacked. This is also a likely reference and response to the recent Jeep issue.