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Adobe have warned users over potential issues with Flash Player. Overt the years numerous people have criticised the software deeming it insecure. I personally don’t use the software and I can’t even remember a point in time when I have used it recently or needed to use it. Public figures such as Steve Jobs and the head of security for Facebook have openly spoken about Flash . Jobs commented back in 2010, saying that it wasn’t ready for the mobile era. The security lead at Facebook spoke out earlier this year, saying that Adobe should discontinue the software and announce a date to kill it off.


In brief…

What is it? – A security flaw and serious vulnerability with Adobe Flash Player

When will it be fixed? – Adobe have said a fix will be coming next week

What can I do until then? – The best thing to do is to uninstall Flash from your computer


In recent years, Flash Player has become less of a necessity as platforms such as iOS refused it support it. Back when the iPhone was originally introduced in 2007, Browsing the web meant you couldn’t move for pop ups about installing or updating Flash Player. It’s sometimes hard to remember but a lot of the web was run by Flash; games, videos, animations, adverts and more. Thanks to the iPad and iPhone, Flash has been forced out and advanced technologies like HTML 5 and HTML 5 video have since replaced the need for it and we now have a more efficient, faster and easier web to use. Yes, you’ll get the odd website out their that still requires flash but in the not so distant future we may be flash free. Google Chrome has the plugin pre-installed and embedded inside the browser, but alternatives such as Firefox actually don’t accept it.

Adobe’s information regarding the security issue says that version is effected, making Mac, Windows and Linux venerable. Adobe have said that a fix will come next week, although the exploit is “being used in limited, targeted attacks.” The only way to avoid the vulnerability is to uninstall Flash.