iOS 9 is doing really well. That’s all you really need to know from this post, but there is more information besides this. Like nearly every version of iOS released, the adoption rate is big and it hasn’t been out that long and already the adoption rate is at 66%. That also means that every two out of three iPhones, iPads and iPod touches are now running iOS 9 if they are compatible, that’s insane.

Why is this?

We can work this out, for one Apple controls the releases of the software – so on on day one of iOS 9 every device that can run it had access to it, this differs from Android where the manufactures and carriers have to approve the software updates, resulting in some users having to wait all year to get the new release.

The second point is pretty simple, new emoji. Everyone loves new smileys and fingers to send to people and iOS 9.1 introduces even more, enticing more people to upgrade their iPhone.


Adoption rate

So since September iOS 9 has climbed to 66% adoption rate, second only to iOS 8 which has 25% adoption, anything older such as iOS 7 or iOS 6 are on 9%.

iOS 9 has brand new features such as improvements to the Notes app, new News app, Transit directions in Maps, better multitasking on iPad and more.