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Considering the news is often filled with people fighting over TV’s and wrestling over the latest games consoles, it is certain that Black Friday has become a national obsession. Huge companies like Amazon, Asda and Sainsbury’s take full advantage of the excitement to advertise huge savings on some of their best products: ‘15% off this’ ‘50% of that’. However, is there really any amazing buys to be had? There are plenty of sales across the year such as the Boxing Day and January sales, in which the public can receive huge discounts on all kinds of products from the latest technology to the latest toothbrush. So is this huge obsession with black Friday worth it’s wait in gold, or is it just another way for big companies to entice us to spend our hard earned money?

Well firstly I will let you know that I am not a big spender. As a student, I am not exactly well off when it comes to budgeting myself for buying lots of presents for myself and others. Although even I was tempted by some of the deals on Black Friday, particularly online stores like Amazon. There were many tempting deals on offer and, if you may have missed out on any that you wanted, there were new offers emerging all the time. As much as this is a strength, on the other hand, this is also the weakness of the annual discount week. In regular shops and when the prices of items are their normal price, the cost remains the same. It may be more, but at least you know how much you would be spending in order to get the deal that you want. In January for example, items can remain at their discounted price for the whole month, whereas even in the one week for Black Friday, the price is constantly changing.

Overall though, Black Friday can offer so interesting and tempting deals for shoppers. Nevertheless, they should watch out because if they choose to wait for that perfect deal, they may have to pay more before what they want runs out all together.