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Google seem to be making strides in making its own hardware recently, the Chromebook Pixel was the first device made by the company and the Pixel C continues in the line and is the first tablet to be developed by the company and its now on sale through the Google website. Google seem to be aiming the Pixel C at the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro as it is 10.2-inch but also has an accessory keyboard cover.


The Pixel C is the first tablet designed and manufactured by Google internally. It comes with a 2560 x 1800 10.2-inch screen with a Nvidia Tegra X1 processor along with 3GB RAM. The rear camera is a 8MP offering but reviews will reveal if it performs as well as the iPad Air 2 camera and the selfie camera is 2MP.

The Pixel C has a battery which is comparable to the iPad, reportedly lasting 10 hours. The Pixel C comes in two models, 32GB and 64GB, starting at £399/$499 and £479/$599.

Google is also offering a keyboard case, which is also a protective cover, that comes in at £119/$149.