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Over the past week or two the rumour mill has been churning out the speculation that the next iPhone, the iPhone 7 will be drastically thinner, waterproof and also something which is most controversial – drop the headphone port. To also aid this rumour, 9to5Mac have reported that Apple may be working on a special wireless version of Beats earbuds to complement the iPhone 7, according to the site the earbuds which be wireless in every way, unlike the PowerBeats2 Wireless there wont be a cable running from each one to the other, both earbuds will have separate batteries and wireless receivers, also there wont be a port or cable to charge them either, instead a carry case which will charge them will be included.

The iPhone 7, which will most likely be out this September is said to have just one port for the first time ever, the Lighting Port and dropping the headphone port in favour of a thinner design and possibly to be waterproof. For it to work with existing headphones with 3.5mm jacks, including the current range of Beats headphones, Apple is to offer an adaptor – most likely at a premium.

Is this a good move for Apple and Beats? – Let us know in the comments.