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Fitbit seem to be on roll lately, it seems that in the middle of last year that was a downturn for the company when the Apple Watch was unveiled but from personal experience a lot of people seem to have got Fitbit trackers over the holiday period, this is defiantly to do with the entry price point as even considering the Apple Watch with the sport model will be £300 and for the majority of users they can’t justify spending that much money on that, this is where Fitbit have risen again from becoming slightly redundant. This new model will be launching later this year for $129 / £99.99 which is significantly more approachable.

Alta is more about fashion

Before the Apple Watch, quite a lot of the fitness trackers don’t actually look that stylish, especially some of the older Fitbit trackers and the Garmin watch but the Fitbit Alta makes a better effort to have a all rounded design, which will make it more appealing to more fashion concious users. The design seems more approachable and would match most clothes, even the bands are new with rubber material available in graphite, pink, plum, blue and teal and stainless steel bands.

Despite the fashionable looks, this new band is a lot smarter, it can now automatically detect if you’ve just started a work out and log it, also it can track sleep and remind you to stand up, like the Apple Watch.

The battery life is around five days.