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Apple’s next media event is now set in stone for later this month on March 21, so far the tech media has been buzzing with what will come out of Cupertino for this Spring and also it’s been rumoured heavily as to what is to be announced. The event will take place on March 21, assumably at the usual time of 10am PTZ and 6pm BST. Earlier this month, we reported that Apple was expected to hold an event in March and also what is expected.


Back in October in 2014 the iPad Air 2 was released and since then Apple hasn’t updated the 9.7-inch iPad. Last year in September at the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro event the new bigger iPad was announced and the iPad mini 4 was also mentioned. At this “Let us loop you in” event Apple is expected to launch the iPad Air 3 which is said to be a small iPad Pro with support for the keyboard cover and Apple Pencil while featuring the quad speaker layout.


But a new smaller iPhone is the hottest topic, it’s rumoured that Apple will be releasing a third iPhone for the range going back to the smaller 4-inch form factor like the iPhone 5s. The phone is to be called the iPhone 5SE or SE and to have Apple Pay and Touch ID. With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple enabled more customers into the iOS ecosystem as a lot of users had held off buying an iPhone because the screen was too small for them, but at the same time Apple lost those customers who did prefer the smaller iPhone. This may be something that those customers are looking for.

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