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Windows 10 Mobile is just around the corner and already Here maps have pulled out and won’t be supporting Windows 10 or the mobile version at all. For users of Windows Phone, they have had access to Nokia’s Here maps system for a while now as well as Microsoft’s own Bing services also. Earlier this month Nokia sold the Here maps service to a group of German can manufacturers for $3.07 billon and as a result of this they are less interested in supporting Windows 10 and Windows Phone users.

Here state that to support Windows 10 the applications would require rewriting “from the ground up.” This isn’t justified they say as Windows mobile only makes up 1.1% of the smartphone market and they would prefer to focus on iOS and Android.

For the upcoming future, Microsoft’s stock Maps app for Windows 10 on the desktop and mobile is powered by Bing Maps and is included with every device and also the web.