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Last year at the Microsoft event in January, the company mainly focused in the release of Windows 10 and the beta process for the release in July, but a few other tidbits and interesting new products were announced along side the operating system news. One was the ‘HoloLens’ headset and the gigantic Surface Hub display, which supports the use of a stylus pen to draw on various pages or diagrams. Microsoft suggest that this is used best in team meetings as it supports Skype for Business with the integrated cameras and runs Office and Windows 10.


“we are not just releasing a powerful device. We are releasing a team-empowering solution that will make meetings more productive, modernize workflows, and let people engage with data much better.”

The Surface Hub comes in two configurations, a 84-inch 4K model which is $20,0000 or a smaller 55-inch HD version, coming in at $7,000. Learn more at

Image: Microsoft