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Since the launch last year in July, Microsoft had a rocky yet successful start with Windows 10. Despite the new operating system downloading and installing itself on loads of peoples computers it has proved popular with users, Windows 8 certainly wasn’t the company’s finest hour, users just didn’t want a all touchscreen experience on their desktop and for some it was too alienating of a change from Windows 7 and previous that they didn’t want it and sticked to what they knew, a easy to use interface and a start menu.

Despite all the difficulties, Microsoft has done well with Windows 10, it hit a record early on for total downloads and now it owns 14.35% of the market for all desktops and all operating systems. According to Net Market Share Windows 10 is growing more and more and these numbers are compared against all of the desktop operating systems that are being used including OS X, Linux and all the other Windows versions. As always Windows 7 is still leading the pack with a share of 48.79% although this had dropped since the last numbers were released from 51.89%. The other Windows edition are as follows:

  1. Windows 7 – 48.79%
  2. Windows 10 – 14.35%
  3. Windows XP – 9.66%
  4. Windows 8.1 – 9.16%
  5. OS X – 3.96%
  6. Windows 8 – 2.95%
  7. Linux – 1.56%

Until July 2016, Windows 10 still is free as a qualifying upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, after that Microsoft will start charging for it.