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A non profit organisation in Italy called The Centro Italiano Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche have achieved a super long distance wireless link using Ubiquiti’s airFiber backhaul radios and large dishes. The link spreads across the water half way and connects at 304km or 189 miles and still manages to transmit 356mbps in full duplex mode.

The group used two Ubiquiti airFiber 5X radios which only cost around £400 each and two large 1m 35dBi dishes.

Quote from the group on the UBNT forums

Using the sites as discussed in the article from 2007 we decided to work with Ubiquiti to achieve the same throughputs that they were achieving with their link. Using 35dBi dishes and 2 AF5X radios we removed the existing radio which was achieving about a few mbps in throughput and see what we could get from this new technology. We went ahead and deployed slant-45 polarization and began aiming the radios using the embedded aiming bar graphs within the radio. Maximizing the bar graphs we were able to see incredible throughput! See pictures below. This link has capabilities to jump to as high as 356.33 mbps as you can see below while still maintaining <3.5 ms latency! We only basically wanted to test this out to see its capabilities. We don’t plan to use it in this configuration but knowing what it can do is awesome!

Very impressive work!

Source: UBNT Forums