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Microsoft today has unveiled a new free tool for small businesses, it’s basically a light version of Skype Business and allows users to video chat with up to 10 people for the first 60 days of using it and then only 3 thereafter, if you need more people Microsoft is basically saying purchase Office 365 which has Skype Business included.

This new tool dubbed Skype Meetings is free for small business, but like the paid tool it offers the integration and features which make it more useful for business use than regular Skype. PowerPoint presentations can be shared between all the users and also share the screen that they are looking at, the host can use a laser pointer to highlight certain things on the PowerPoint.

Microsoft has been clever with this. For users still on the fence for whether or not Office 365 will offer what they need for their uses, at least smaller companies can trial Skype Business with the new free Skype Meetings.