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With autonomous driving, Jaguar isn’t late to the game as such, in the last year or so Ford, Mercedes and of course Tesla has been experimenting with self and autonomous driving technology each with varying results. Now Jaguar Land Rover is ramping up it’s development of semi-autonomous cars. Earlier today the company announced that it has plans to use around 100 cars in total to research and develop it’s technology quickly.

Unlike Tesla, Jaguar wont be making cars which can totally drive by themselves, at least not yet – instead the British company will be focusing more on getting the more simple features working from the get go – In a report from Wired UK – Jaguar Land Rover is developing new technology to recognise objects, signs and although not new also potential collisions in the road. Jaguar’s technology which will eventually make it into production cars, will have the ability to recognise any potential collisions in the road using cameras located in the front of the car one of which is 3D. Thus allowing the car to brake automatically in a traffic jam. The camera will also be able to recognise any cones blocking movement as well as signs to see whether the road narrows or has sharp corners.

Of course with the technology Google is developing, Jaguar is quite a way behind the advancements it has made, but is very good to see a British company making these advancements. Also under new regulations here in the UK, driverless cars will be tested on motorways in 2017.

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