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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update came out about a month ago now, but some users may not have received it yet and it may need to be manually downloaded from Microsoft directly. The Anniversary Update came out around 1 year after Windows 10 was launched on July 29th 2015, it doesn’t add many big features – instead works to refine the experience. We wrote an article containing the new features. Read more on Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

I haven’t got the update yet?

In a support page Microsoft did say that the update should download automatically, but sometimes this may not be the case. I for instance haven’t seen it appear at all on multiple machines. If this affects you – it can be rectified.

Microsoft say:

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will automatically download and install when it becomes available for your device (your device will be running Windows 10 Version 1607 after it’s installed)

On their support page – they do provide a download link for a Upgrade Assistant which will manually download the update and walk you through the process. Click here to visit the support page.

Source: Microsoft support