In the late part of last year, Samsung were in quite a bit of trouble with the Galaxy Note 7.


Samsung launched the phone back in August – just in time to beat the Apple to the iPhone 7 announcement, which happened in the first few weeks in September, unfortunately just shortly after the Note 7 being shipped, reports began appearing of the phone catching fire or even exploding whilst charging. Most analysts speculated that Samsung may have rushed the development of the Note 7, in order to release their phone before Apple showed off the iPhone 7. This rushing resulting in less internal testing time.


In September, the news was pretty much flooded over the media, Samsung’s name was on every newspaper cover. Later in October, Samsung issued an official recall of the Note 7 and then completely ended production of the handset entirely. All customers were contacted to ship the phones back to Samsung for further analysis in fire proof boxes. In December an over the air software update prevented any unreturned phones from charging at all.

What went wrong?

Samsung have actually figured out what went wrong with the Note 7 and will reveal all later this month – according to a report by JoongAng Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper.

This didn’t only damage Samsung’s bank balance, but the brands short term reputation. Many people believed at the time that Apple would revel in the rivals shortcomings, but recent reports suggest otherwise, in fact customers didn’t think the iPhone 7 has enough unique features to convince them to switch platforms.

Source: MacRumors