As promised, Vine has officially closed the video sharing service down. The original app has been updated and replaced with a black icon and changed name. The app is now reborn as Vine Camera and it allows you to record six second videos, edit them and then share them on Twitter. Vine Camera also allows you to save drafts, make multiple loops and more.

Last month, Twitter let users know that they should download their old Vines before the closure.

Why has Vine gone?

Twitter has shut Vine down because they say that the ongoing battle between social media networks is getting bigger and also Twitter needed to make large cuts company wide. In a report from Bloomberg – Twitter is axing around 300 jobs across the company. Twitter made a net loss of £83m / $102m in the last quarter of 2016.

Vine was founded back in June 2012, then Twitter acquired it in October 2012 – just before it was officially announced. Twitter then launched Vine in January 2013 and within months it became the most used video application.