Own a Mac and always wondered what Time Machine is or wanted to know how to easily back up your Mac?

What is Time Machine?

Time Machine is a built in feature to Macs that makes backing up your pictures, music and documents very easy, it’ll keep a day by day snapshot, so you can restore the entire operating system back to a specific day if that is ever a need of yours, this feature is especially useful to restore a file, email or photo from any day. It takes a backup every hour for 24 hours, daily backups for the past month and weekly backups for a month. Files only get deleted once the drive being used becomes full, if this happens only the oldest weekly backups are removed.

Time Machine has been included with every Mac purchased since OS X Leopard.

Time Machine is very flexible with the types of media you want to use, you can plug a USB or Thunderbolt drive directly in, or map a network drive and most NAS drives support the Time Machine format. Apple also sell the Time Capsule, although discontinued this product is a home wireless router and Time Machine backup drive for MacBooks.