This week while browsing the A&T Tech website, you may have noticed a little green padlock in your browser and a extra ‘s’ before the website address. This is because we have taken the stance to move from HTTP to HTTPS web traffic. This is a huge upgrade for the site and it marks a new era for KDL Media too, security.

What is HTTPS and how does it effect me?

So any websites you visit that have a small padlock in your browsers web address bar, this means the information sent from the web server over the internet to you ins encrypted, over a secure connection. The beauty is if a website (like we have) decides to support HTTPS, the end user doesn’t have to do anything, it simply works.

HTTPS is still website traffic like HTTP however it operates on port 443 rather than port 80 and it’s encrypted traffic rather than unencrypted standard text based traffic.

Is it important?

While HTTPS is paramount for banking websites, sites which require log ins and also any form or page which asks you to send information of yours over the internet. Therefore having a secure connection is very important.

While it may not be as important for news websites to make the change to HTTPS it still pays a big part in the reliability of bringing this page to you. This introduces some added integrity and authenticity to our website too, this meaning when you access – your browser is verifying that what it is being loaded is really what is intended.

Going forward

Other than saying a thank you for reading A&T Tech since we started in 2013 and you can look forward to more breaking news in the tech industry, tech tips and buyers guides. Also for gaming news check out our sister site