This weekend, more specifically this Sunday – Tesla is planning to reduce the current lineup of the Model S by removing the most affordable version they sell, the S 75.

This news comes courtesy of Engadget, who reached out to Tesla today to confirm the news first reported by electric car blog, Electrek.

This news isn’t new, this decision to slim down the Model 3 range was decided back in July, shortly following a price reduction of the Model S 75. This reduction in the model variation makes some sense for Tesla to do, before the Model 3 was on sale, Tesla only had two different models, the Model S and the Model X and offering a wide choice of each car was pretty important, however now that the Model 3 has just been put up for pre-order it makes more sense to sim down the Model S choices, if not to just offer some feature separation between the Model 3 and the Model S.

Ending Sunday

The last day to get hold of a Model S 75, with custom choices is this Sunday, the 24th September.

Source: Engadget and Eleckrek