This week, the Raspberry Pi foundation has released a new revised version of the Raspberry Pi 3 which is its current top of the line computer board on offer, the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ offers much faster networking capabilities over wireless and wired as well as new CPU offerings.

Model B+

So, the key changes. The new board focuses on improvements to the processor and the key networking IO. The Model B+ now offers dual-band WiFi for he first time as well as gigabit ethernet, when uses over USB 2.0. This does mean however due to USB 2.0 limitations, it’ll only go up to 300mbps. New Bluetooth standards also makes an appearance with Bluetooth 4.2, which includes Bluetooth Low Energy.

In terms of the new processors, the Model B+ now has a 1.4Ghz quad-core CPU from Broadcom, the old Pi 3 had a 1.2GHz from Broadcom also.


The new Model B+ is the same size as the outgoing Model 3 and will cost £30 / $35.