Last week, networking company Ubiquiti Networks unveiled a new update to its UniFi product line. UniFi is the company’s line of cloud managed enterprise grade wireless access points, switches and firewalls.

New update

The new update, was released 2 weeks and only released to the automatic download channels in the last week. New features include full IPv6 support, for WAN connections and LAN networks. The IPv6 support is in beta currently. The headlining feature with this update however is the IPS and IDS or Intrusion Prevention System and Intrusion Detection System. With IPS and IDS Ubiquiti is turning every USG that is out there into a full blown security device, using open source technologies and signatures it can intelligently detect, notify and then block any malious IP address coming into your network as well as traffic that is shown as being linked to malware.

IPS and IDS are free additions to the UniFi system, but they do include some performance hits on some of the USG models when the security scanning is in place.

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Add IPv6 support (Beta).
  • Add Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) [beta].
  • Add GeoIP Filtering options to settings [Beta].
  • Add Virtual devices on Maps to plan coverage.
  • Add SSH keys to authenticate to device.
  • Add Auto Channel feature on Maps.
  • Add Release Notes to controller UI.
  • Add ability to create and set user defined DHCP options.
  • Add Wireless Uplink priority.
  • Add support for SNMPv3.
  • Add restart devices permission.
  • Add support for new Elite Device service.
  • Add Bulgarian translations to the Hotspot Portal.
  • Batch remove vouchers.
  • Customize voucher columns.
  • Ability to display historical statistics per Client (traffic, packets, signal power etc.).
  • Link to property panel from Location on Neighboring Access Points page.
  • Support Antenna selection for internal antenna.

Source: UniFi Blogs