iOS 12 was released a little under a month ago, back in September – and already over half of the devices that can run iOS 12, are now running it. Last year, in 2017 with iOS 11 – it took 50 days for 50% of devices to start running iOS 11.

Quick takeup

With iOS 12, it has been well advertised that this new update does in fact help improve the performance of your device while adding some cool new features such as Memoji and Screen Time as well as all the other features Apple packed in this year.

Learn more about iOS 12 here

It also helps that with iOS 12, the list of supported devices is exaclty the same as iOS 11 – it stretches back to 2013 to support the iPhone 5s and iPad Air so more users have access to the new features and more importanly, security improvments.

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