When Dell acquired Alienware back in 2006, Dell was at the peak of it’s status in the PC market. It was the top PC manufacturer and was shortly overtaken by HP, something they have never got back. But purchasing Alienware, the then 10 year old company looks to have been a smart move.


Now over ten years on, Alienware is a successful business, specialising in gaming desktops, laptops and monitors. Just this week Dell revealed that the sub-brand is now worth a whopping $3 billion.

The news came from this tweet (below), posted by tech analyst Patrick Moorhead. Frank Azor who heads up the Gaming and XPS sections of Dell announced this week that Alienware is 3x times the size of any of the competitors.


This is good news for Dell, as mentioned at the start of the article – in the early days of personal computing, Dell was the up and coming, innovative forerunner but with the introduction of the iPad in 2010 and smartphones becoming more and more prominent – Dell has never had anything that is that interesting, apart from in the last few years its XPS range of notebooks, which debuted a little while back with near bezel-less screens, making a much larger screen fit into a smaller case size.

And we have Alienware, while some may say they can build much faster PCs for much less – you can’t argue with the fit and finish that Alienware offers and the neat LED touches.

It’ll be certainly be interesting to see where Dell goes next.

Source: Twitter