In the US marketplace, the Toyota Corolla has been the best selling car for a very long tine – as long as we can remember. With the new 2020 Toyota Corolla, the company is bringing the nameplate back to the UK, which will be replaicing the current Auris. But with the brand new 2020 Corolla, Toyota has finally added support for Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

Whether or not CarPlay and Android Auto support will be coming to the UK, this is yet to be confirmed. But for US customers, CarPlay will be accessible on the included infotainment system which Toyota provides, using a 7-inch touchscreen, but an 8-inch version is configurable if you pick the LE trim spec.

CarPlay won’t be wireless in the Corolla, it only works if you use the USB ports.


In the United States, the new 2020 Corolla will go on sale in dealerships this March and will start at $19,500.

In the United Kingdom, the new 2019 Corolla is on sale now starting at £21,300.

We have reached out to Toyota UK regarding CarPlay support for the UK car and we will update this post with any information we can get.

Update – 22:40 GMT from Toyota GB PLC

With regards to the availability of Apple CarPlay, unfortunately at this current time, we do not have any information as to when Toyota will introduce Apple CarPlay on their vehicle’s multimedia systems.

Once we have any more info on CarPlay for the UK Corolla, we will update this post.