To celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Concorde taking off for the first time – Aston Martin has announced a special, limited edition of the DBS Superleggera which has a few tweaks and special details over the regular car. The car is made in association with British Airways.

Aston Martin’s in house Q division has created the special edition, of which only 10 are being made.

Only one Aston Martin dealer is selling the cars, Aston Martin Bristol which is just down the road from where the Concorde was originally made.

What is different over the DBS?

On the outside, the roof line, spoiler, rear diffuser, front chin and Aston Martin badges are painted in the British Airways colours, red and blue.

On the inside, the Concorde logo is displayed on the front seats and a ‘Mach Meter’ graphic is on the sun visor.

Engine wise, nothing has changed – the DBS Superleggera has a 5.2-litre twin turbo V12 with 715bhp.

How much will it be?

No pricing info is available at all, potential customers are advised to contact Aston Martin Bristol directly.