BMW has been manufacturing the i8 hybrid for over 5 years now, from when the car launched in the US in 2014. This week, BMW announced that production for the car would be ending in April due to the company focusing on more bespoke electric cars, just like Volkswagen is.

The BMW i8 was launched as a two seater plug in hybrid as a rival to the Porsche 911 and started at £115,105 for the hardtop version, but some BMW dealers are now offering some discounts of nearly £20,000 off the list price. The i8 has a 1.5-litre three cylinder petrol engine with 369bhp.

BMW is now focusing more on bespoke electric cars, with the upcoming iX3 SUV and i4 saloon car. For now at least, the BMW i3 is remaining on sale.

How many BMW i8 cars were sold?

Sales figures in Europe
Sales figures in Europe

Source: (BMW i8 sales numbers)