Here in the UK electric cars haven’t had the instant growth of new take ups that Norway has had or that the US has had with the Tesla Model 3, but the UK government is planning on doubling the funding for new electric charging infrastructure, the Department for Transport (DfT) will be focusing on new residential chargers on the side of streets as most places in shared housing or flats don’t have easy access to install dedicated chargers that are close enough to where the cars are parked.

The DfT has said the money will support the installation of 3,600 charge points  and make sure that the “postcode plays no part in how easy it is to use an electric car.”

The government’s funding is now at £10 million, which is now the second time it has been increased, the initial pledge in 2017 for new chargers was £2.5 million and then in August last year a further £2.5 million was allocated too.

The government has said that so far, over 24,000 public charging points have been funded – this includes 2,400 rapid chargers for larger electric cars.

Also, registrations of new EVs have increased by 144% last year as the popularity have diesel cars in dropping, but EVs are still only 1.6% of the whole UK car market