Romanian car company Dacia is famed for making really inexpensive but good quality cars here in the UK, its parent company Renault supplies parts from older models to drive the price down but until now the company has not had an electric car or any hybrid for that matter. Whereas Renault has launched EV models with the now famous Zoe and Twizzy as well as multiple electric van models, which are proving popular in cities.

City K-ZE

Renault launched the current City K-ZE in China last year, which like most cars sold in the country, it is manufactured there too to cut down on import costs. Its already a pretty budget friendly car even as a Renault, coming out at £6,900 with a range of 155 miles. Considering the price, the K-ZE isn’t very powerful or fast, with only 44bhp, 88lb ft of torque and taking seven seconds to get to 37mph and a low top speed of 65mph.

The City K-ZE will also come to Europe.

Dacia EV

However, last week during Dacia’s financial results call, the company revealed that a Dacia version of the City K-ZE wil be launched once the Twingo ZE has been launched in Europe, this is a car which wil not be coming to the UK.

There is not any news on whether even the Dacia version of the City K-ZE would even come to the UK market. Dacia has it in the plans for a release in 2021 or 2022.