To help the NHS and also the British Red Cross provide supplies, food and physical help for those unfortunately affected by the ongoing coronavirus – Jaguar Land Rover is temporarily lending one hundred and sixty brand new vehicles for deployment world-wide.

JLR has lent fifty-seven vehicles to the British Red Cross so far, which will be used here in the UK for food and medicine to be distributed to those in need. Twenty seven of those vehicles were the brand new Land Rover Defenders.

“A total of 57 vehicles including 27 New Defenders have been issued to the British Red Cross to deliver medicine and food vulnerable people across the UK who now need additional support due to social distancing rules.”


In other countries, such as Spain, France, South Africa and Australia have all been loaned vehicles for the local Red Cross efforts. JLR has also said it is lending some vehicles to the NHS to help support emergency situations, this is in addition to the PPE equipment the company is donating to the health service.

“This unprecedented global health emergency requires us all to pull together. As part of the British Red Cross response to coronavirus, we’re delving deep into the heart of communities across the UK to help strengthen support for the most vulnerable people through delivering essential food parcels and medicines to those unable to get out.”

Simon Lewis – Head of Crisis Response at the British Red Cross

Source: Jaguar Land Rover