Ford announced the new Mustang Mach-E a few months ago, it also appeared on London streets back in February. In the last few days, Ford has revealed some more specs about the car, as well as the pricing here in the UK.

Ford has said that a lot of buyers have registered interest in the Mach-E in the UK, stating the order books are “healthy.”

Ford Mustang Mach-E will start at £40,270 and for that you get – 280 miles of range, a 76kWh battery which has the equivalent of 254bhp. There is also an extended range version, starting at £50,000 exactly which has a much larger battery at 99kWh, which gives the Mach-E 370 miles of range.

As this is an SUV after all, Ford is offering the Mach-E with four wheel drive options too, this starts at £46,750 with the 76kWh battery pack but the range is a bit lower, at 260 miles. The extended range version with four wheel drive is £56,950 and has 335 miles of range from the 99kWh battery pack.

Ford is following in Tesla’s footsteps, by only offering the Mach-E for sale and ordering online.