Zoom was never meant to be used for what it is being used for now, Zoom has been around for nearly ten years now and has always been a popular enterprise application and service for businesses to use for video conferencing. The quick nature of it which made business meetings very convenient and frictionless have now caused issues, now the platform has exploded in usage – due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Because Zoom is very frictionless, everything from online classes, teenagers talking and yoga classes is being done on Zoom now and this is an issue, not only does Zoom have some security issues but due to the frictionless nature, there is a lot of ‘Zoombombing’ going on, when anyone can guess a meeting ID and join the meeting, typically because a password has not been set. Zoom isn’t even end to end encrypted, even though on the user interface it says it is.

Because of all these issues, some schools in the US have now chosen to outright ban the use of Zoom and in some cases disable zoom. Schools districts in New York and Nevada’s Clark County have chosen to not use Zoom going forward. New York City teachers are now moving to Microsoft Teams.

Zoom has come out and spoken about some of the issues, in a recent statement to the Washington Post – Zoom has said that they take the privacy and security of its platform “extremely seriously.”