Yesterday, Caterham has revealed a new model which includes a few interesting changes which hark back to the company’s first models. The new Super Seven 1600 is availble to order now.

Powering the new car is the same engine from the 270, the 1.6-litre Ford Sigma which gives the car 250bhp per ton and it achieves 0-60mph in about five seconds and on to a top speed of 122mph. Like all Caterhams, the 1600 is light, at just 545kg.

The new 1600 harks back to the seventies, with new DCOE throttle body injectors which aim to give the car a “distinctive growl,” according to Caterham. Other design tweaks include the classic 14-inch wheels, SMITHS gauges, flared front wings and retro seats.

“We’re excited to introduce the most powerful Super Seven ever built, a reimagining of a true modern icon, delivering exactly what the original was designed to offer – a focus on driving feel and race-inspired upgrades but with some touches of luxury to the finishes.”

Graham McDonald – Caterham CEO

The Super Seven 1600 is available to order now and starts at £33,495.

Source: Caterham