Ford has recently taken the decision to stop production of the small city car, the Ka+ and the two medium sized people carriers the C-Max and the B-Max in Europe in order to be more profitable and to meet buyer demand. The outgoing Ka+ is based on the last generation Ford Fiesta in order to keep costs down and is also sold in India and other markets.

The C-Max and B-Max have also been dropped for the same reason, in order to meet what customers want, those cars only had five seats and were essentially mini MPVs, buyers now tend to want small crossovers and SUVs. Ford has recently launched the new Puma, which is in the same price point as the outgoing C-Max and B-Max. Ford has also launched the new Kuga recently too, which meets the same needs.

All three cars are no longer listed on Ford’s UK website.

We reached out to Ford for a statement today, and this is what they said.

“C-Max, B-Max and Ka+ production has now ended in line with our strategy aimed at strengthening the Ford brand and creating a sustainably profitable business in Europe, including by taking action to improve or exit less profitable vehicle lines (applicable to all recently discontinued).

With new Puma and Kuga recently launched, alongside some exiting products coming in the future, we have a strong lineup that will better match customer demand and build on our success in the growing utility segment in Europe.”

Christian Brown, Ford UK

The Ford Galaxy and S-Max do remain however, Ford announced earlier this year that both of these cars will be going hybrid next year.

Source: Ford UK