Joe Rogan and his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience rakes in millions and millions of views on YouTube every new episode and it has its fair share of ultra popular episodes, the first time Elon Musk went on the show last year, he smoked weed on camera and that episode currently has 34 million views. Elon went on the show, just last week and that episode already has 13 million views.

Joe Rogan has been doing his podcast since 2009 and has been publishing the video version to YouTube for a long time too, with episodes spanning between 2 to 4 hours sometimes.

Today, Joe Rogan has signed a multi-year deal with Spotify for The Joe Rogan Experience in audio and video form, the podcast will move from YouTube to Spotify starting the 1st September 2020 and will be available to the free tier of Spotify.

Joe has said the YouTube channel will still be around, but it will no longer host the full episodes of the podcast, only clips and highlights.