E-scooters have become increasingly more and more popular lately, they have been legal in the USA for a long time but here in the UK, due to a law from 1835 which limited hoverboards on pavements, e-scooters have been banned. Now, due the push to reopen the world and get businesses open again, the UK government is looking to support different methods of transport, with e-scooters considered an alternative to public transport and taxis.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has started a consultation to push for the UK to start E-scooter rentals which are due to start in June. Speeds of the scooters will be speed limited, to 12.5mph and the motors will be limited to 350 watts.

The DfT is also saying “we recommend wearing a cycle helmet for e-scooter journeys.”

Trials are due to start in June, the original date has been brought forward from next year.